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The majority of pirate costumes that you see in fairs and Cosplay events are men’s costumes. So, is this lack of women’s pirate costumes a sign that piracy was a male-exclusive domain? The short answer is no. Men dominated but there were some female buccaneers who inspired the same terror as their male counterparts. The following are five of the most famous women pirates in history....

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“What is the perfect pirate look for themed parties?” you wonder. You’ve been called to this gathering of Buccaneers and scalawags and need to be at the top of your game. There are two choices available. You can either buy an ensemble or design one. Say, you don't want to spend too much and are looking for something original. The good news is that the DIY pirate look is not all that difficult. Here’s an easy way to achieve it... White T-shirt: Pick a plain white T-shirt that is larger than your size. The pirate lifestyle was not ideal for...

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Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and the rest of the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise surely helped popularize pirate costumes. But were their costumes a true depiction of what buccaneers wore during their time? There is a fair amount of confusion about what pirates might have looked like. While we may be loathe to accept anything other than the romanticized version force fed to us over the centuries, the reality could be a lot less spectacular. Pirates, like everyone else, wore the best clothes they could lay their hands on. There was no standard attire. How could there...

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