Gauntlets, Vambraces and Pauldrons

The medieval battlefield was an uncompromising place. More often than not, it was mano-a-mano, with opponents coming to end you with a brutal swish of the sword. There were other weapons too, like the small matter of halberds, crossbows, spears – the list is long and deadly. Even the most skilled warrior required good protection and a whole lot of luck. The latter is beyond anyone’s control but protection was available. The medieval soldier’s head was protected by the helmet, his body by breastplates and cuirasses, and his legs by greaves. What about the hands, the forearms, and the shoulders? Gauntlets, vambraces, and pauldrons, respectively, guarded these parts.

Costumes and Collectibles (C&C) provides an attractive list of gauntlets, vambraces, and pauldrons that encompass several periods in history and different popular genres. Medieval warriors can opt for our Steel Vambraces. If you are in the mood to lead a Roman charge, try out the Roman Commander Vambraces. For the steampunk fan, we have the Steampunk Single Leather Vambrace. Civil War aficionados will take great pleasure in C&C’s classic cream-colored Leather Gauntlets. Then there are the Leather Pauldrons that are ideal for LARP or SCA. These are just a few of the many wonderful items in our catalog, all of which are classy enough to improve any collection or reenactment and festival attire.