Non Metal Helmets and Armor

Costumes and Collectibles offers Leather and other non-metal Helms and Armor for Renaissance festivals, reenactments and LARP; and, of course, decorative purposes. 

Our leather helmets are light and comfortable, and actually provide a small level of protection to your head. They are designed with the best quality leather, to better protect the head during re-enactments.

Our polyurethane helmets are either fantasy-themed or styled after realistic helmets used in history like Roman Troopers and Viking helms.

For the Upper arm protection we carry leather pauldrons and leather spaulders made of high grade leather. Pauldrons are layered leather armor plates that start at the top of the shoulder and run down the arm toward the elbow.

We have combat ready leg armour which includes the leather cuisse for the upper legs or thigh area. For the lower leg leather armour protection we carry leather greaves. Leather greaves are the next favorite leather armor protection after the leather arm bracers.

Our Non metal armors are great for LARP, re-enactments, hanging out at the fair or with your SCA buddies.