Girl's Costumes and Accessories

Young girls and dresses go like hand in glove. At Costumes and Collectibles (C&C), we understand this dynamic and offer excellent quality historical costumes for girls. Our girls’ costumes and accessories are crafted by the best people in the industry, who will compromise neither quality nor style to bring to you clothes of a different time and place – one of kings and queens, sorcerers and dark forces, wars and kingdoms.

For those interested in the timeless tales of King Arthur, Merlin, and Sir Lancelot, we have the Queen Guinevere Gown for Youth. This gown fittingly exudes royalty and is one of the best medieval girls’ costumes in our selection. And how can we forget the Renaissance period? Check out the Overdress (with Circlet Crown) made of velvet, which is a quintessential Renaissance girl costume.  Also, there is the Milady’s Gown fashioned of blue velvet for children aged six to 12 years, which like the Overdress is perfect for Renaissance reenactment. Further, we offer classic chemises that do justice to the Renaissance years. History is great but a little dose of fantasy doesn’t hurt. Check out our girls’ steampunk costumes, such as the Picadilly Blouse and Sash meant for older girls, which are certain to brighten up any steampunk festivity. The choices are varied and loaded with quality.

Each of our products has detailed description and size information for you to have a better understanding of what we are offering. Give your little girl the opportunity to be part of medieval folklore, walk the streets of 17th-century London, or explore the foggy alleys of Victorian England with ice in her steampunk veins and fire in her soul. So, if you are looking to buy her a costume that will bring joy to your heart and hers, you are at the right place.