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DIY Pirate Look

“What is the perfect pirate look for themed parties?” you wonder. You’ve been called to this gathering of Buccaneers and scalawags and need to be at the top of your game. There are two choices available. You can either buy an ensemble or design one. Say, you don't want to spend too much and are looking for something original. The good news is that the DIY pirate look is not all that difficult. Here’s an easy way to achieve it...

White T-shirt: Pick a plain white T-shirt that is larger than your size. The pirate lifestyle was not ideal for a six pack, so no need to flaunt them even if you have one. Plus, a larger T-shirt looks sloppy which suits the pirate look. You can also cut some areas of the T-shirt irregularly. Cut off the hem too. Paint stripes across the shirt – the more imprecise, the better.

Dark-colored pants: Go for simple, dark-colored pants. (Women can wear them too; the alternative is billowing skirts with a petticoat underneath.) Remember, you have not been invited to an official party so put away the high-end brands. Paint light-colored stripes on the pants; here, vertical lines offer a more pirate vibe.   

Pirate Pants

Vest: A vest that opens at the front is a good option. If you want a classier look, button it up. For a winter party, go for a dark-colored overcoat. (If you don’t have one, raid the thrift stores.)

Pirate Vest

Hat: Now this is important. A pirate with a good-looking hat is a filthy pirate, and that is a good thing. First and foremost, measure your head. Then draw a pirate shaped hat on paper and use the template over a lightweight card. Do this twice as you are looking for two sides. Cut out the hat shapes and glue or tape them around the edges keeping the base open. Paint this masterpiece black and add traditional designs, such as the skull and crossbones.  Cut out a band of card that should accurately fit your head and tape this in a circle. Tape or glue the band inside the hat. Aside from helping the hat fit snugly on your head, this also helps to keep it open.

Pirate Hats

Accessories: These are something you can play with. A bright red bandana is a good option. Also, a wide belt around your T-shirt is a nice pirate touch. If you have a long red or black scarf, it can be used as a belt. And, of course, rock the black eye patch. This should be easy to make. (If you have no artistic bone in you, then there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online). For footwear, go for a worn out pair of boots or shoes. Women (or men who are fans of Jack Sparrow) can wear dark mascara. Round up the perfect pirate look with an earring and a cutlass. For a cutlass, cut out the shape from cardboard and paint the blade silver and the handle can be brown or black.

Pirate Accessories

You are now ready to rule the seas… And the party!

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