Women Renaissance Costumes and Accessories

What was clothing for women like in the Renaissance period? Was it similar to the Middle Ages? More advanced perhaps, considering the period was more liberal and artistically inclined? Find out with Costumes and Collectibles. We offer the highest-quality Renaissance costumes for women. Made with excellent fabrics, we pay attention to every detail, from the beautiful buttons to the hand-stitched trim. If you are into Renaissance clothing and looking for something eye-catching to wear to the next fair, you are at the right place. 

What do we offer? We’d like to believe we have most things covered – gowns, bodices, corsets, skirts, blouses, cloaks, chemises, masks. Most significantly, our Renaissance clothing for women is not just fashioned with historical accuracy but with material that is classy and meant to last. For the Renaissance noblewoman getting ready to dine with the elite, we have a range of gowns from which to choose. For a peasant girl living in the countryside who is happy and content with life, there’s a perfect blouse. For the Spanish Renaissance woman willing to live bold and with passion, there is a stunning corset to match her fire.

We house too many Renaissance outfits for women to pick favorites. But here are a few that we think you should consider. The velvety Scarlett Dream Dress is just what the name suggests, a dream outfit deserving of fairy tales. The cotton Anjou Gown is amongst the best in our collection, a stunning marriage of detail and beauty. Then there is the Berengaria Gown and Lady Jane Dress, which loses nothing in comparison to any item in our rich catalog. Of course, none of these garments, undoubtedly beautiful on their own, is quite complete without complementing accessories. Do not worry. Classic Pendants, beautiful rings, striking masks, we have them all. Browse our selection, now!