Protecting oneself in battles, whether small or large, was an absolute must. From the knight called upon to defend a kingdom to those jousting in times of peace, the need to defend oneself was essential. Costumes and Collectibles carries an extensive line of body protection, from chain mail to leather protection to full suits of armor.

Our Medieval helms are battle ready and can be used by SCA, Re-enactment and LARP groups, while others are for decorative use and make a great home accents. We are one of largest manufacturers/suppliers of helms ranging from Fantasy helms, Roman helms, Greek helms, Celtic helms, Viking helms, Japanese helms, LARP helms and Leather helms.

Our range of Medieval Shields are perhaps the best as we manufacture almost all of them. Some are Battle ready and decorative as well as Live Action Role-play (LARP). Our Templar Knights Shields by Marto of Spain are made as a tribute to the religious order of the Templar Knights. This handsome shields, forged to honor them, are crafted of solid heavy gauge steel.

We are sure to have what you are looking for, whether it is for battle, home decoration or a Renaissance Fair!