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Most of us who’ve followed and loved Game of Thrones since 2011 wouldn’t mind being part of the cast. To be Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen or Jamie Lannister would be, well, pretty cool. Of course it’s not easy. You need acting chops and lots of luck. If that’s a bridge too far, the next best thing would be role-play, reenactment and costume parties, which is not as silly as it sounds, considering the number of exquisite replicas in the market with regard to the hit show’s clothes, weapons, props, etc. There is a wide range of Game of Thrones costumes...

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Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and the rest of the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise surely helped popularize pirate costumes. But were their costumes a true depiction of what buccaneers wore during their time? There is a fair amount of confusion about what pirates might have looked like. While we may be loathe to accept anything other than the romanticized version force fed to us over the centuries, the reality could be a lot less spectacular. Pirates, like everyone else, wore the best clothes they could lay their hands on. There was no standard attire. How could there...

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