Knights Templar & The Crusades Costumes & Accessories

Women, men, knights, and peasants walked in the Crusades, a term that is synonymous with European efforts to retake Jerusalem, the Holy Land. Many military religious orders took up arms. One of the more popular groups was the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, popularly known as the Templars. These knights became wealthy, influenced the politics of Western Europe, built cities, and pretty much ruled at times.

Costumes and Collectibles carry a high-quality selection of Templar clothing and armor, including cape, tunic, surcoat, helmet, and shield to go with accessories such as belts and Templar rings.

Of course, we do not limit our Templar line to these. Decorative Swords & Functional Swords, Letter openers, journals, plaques, statues, flags, pendants - we have a Crusades selection good and wide enough to satisfy any Templar fan.