The shield was one of the most significant parts of a warrior’s armory during the Greek, Roman, and medieval periods. Aside from its use of deflecting and defending blows from enemy soldiers, the shield was quite a useful bludgeoning weapon on its own. Costumes and Collectibles (C&C) has a wonderful range of Renaissance and medieval shields that are not just great to look at but made with the finest care. Also in our collection are Greek shields, Roman shields, Viking shields, Knight Templar shields, and LARP shields. Some of these items are battle ready while others are perfect for decorative use.

We honor the great Roman warriors of the past with the beautiful Wooden Roman Oval Shield. C&C also recognizes that no medieval shield collection is complete without the classic Crusader’s Shield with the embossed cross. Further, we recommend you check out the Julius Caesar Embossed Shield, which has been inspired by the finest Spanish workmanship of the 16th century. Fans of Game of Thrones will absolutely love the Lannister Shield made of resin and fiberglass, which features a striking sigil of House Lannister. And, if you fancy yourself as a Viking with a large sword in one hand, you could do a lot worse than carry our Viking Shield in the other.