Breastplates and Cuirasses

The medieval breastplate was a vital piece of armor during the later part of the Middle Ages. Initially, it took the form of the cuirass (which protected the torso and the back) before single-pieced breastplates came into vogue. However, breastplates and cuirasses were not products of the medieval period. Greek and Roman soldiers wore them long before with great success. Costumes and Collectibles (C&C) offers breastplates fashioned of high-quality steel, leather, and polyurethane, which are ideal for reenactment, LARP, collection, or fantasy looks and encompasses the Roman and medieval periods. What’s more, we have products for both male and female warriors!

We do not want to influence our customers in any way and would rather prefer you to personally browse through our collection and pick one you fancy. However, there are some in the catalog that deserves mention. For instance, check out the Roman Baldric, made of leather and perfect for that Roman look. (It goes particularly well with the Segmentata.) Another classy product is the Leather Lorica Segmentata, which is ideal for LARP and good enough to improve any collection. Of course, C&C does not limit itself to fantastic leather products. The Roman Commander Cuirass, for one, is fashioned of excellent quality steel, plated in antique brass, and inspired by the great Roman and Greek armies of yore. If you are seeking something more fantasy based, there is no need to look beyond the dreamy Elven Green Battle Armor, made of leather and comprising a series of attached scales. And how can this catalog be complete without something for our ladies? The Female Breastplate is the quintessential LARP item, easy on the body and with a stunning gold and copper finish.

We guarantee that the products you will see on the pages are crafted by some of the finest artisans in the field. We understand that our customers deserve nothing but the very best.