Dungeon Wares

At Costumes and Collectibles we carry a wide assortment of functional dungeon wares that are perfect for putting together your own dank little dungeon decor. A dungeon would typically be a room or cell in which prisoners were held, especially underground. Dungeons were generally associated with medieval castles, though their association with torture probably belongs more to the Renaissance period. And given what happened in the dungeon, most prisoners who found their way into one quickly learned not to come back.

We offer a number of great sets of dungeon locks and cuffs, which includes things like actual locks for cells and cages, as well as locking handcuffs and irons for keeping prisoner hands occupied. We even have an old ball and chain in here that is perfect for tying the occasional prisoner down!

Of course, dungeons are not exactly happy places, being establishments of punishment and worse, so we also offer our own tools of the trade, including things like dungeon whips to decorate your dungeon walls!

We have the dungeon wares to help you recreate your own dungeon decor, either for a themed room or for a reenactment or a play.