Men's Costumes & accessories

There are few better places for high-quality men's period wear than Costumes and Collectibles (C&C). Here’s why we are so certain about this. At C&C, we pride ourselves in providing products that are a marriage of style and substance, and comfortable and fit for any occasion. From the Renaissance swordsman, the swashbuckling pirate and the steampunk gentleman to the medieval outlaw, the fearless Spartan and the Highland man – we have them all!

What do we offer?

We have a selection of some of the most authentic shirts in the market that would satisfy both the re-enactor and faire-goer. From simple cottons to first-rate velvets, our line of period shirts would please every aspiring Viking, knight and musketeer; further, we provide shirts that are perfect for men's steampunk and Victorian attire. (Some of these would be ideal Halloween costumes.) Our period tunics and surcoats exhibit fine craftsmanship and are fashioned from simple cottons to rich velvets and brocades.  

The fearless knight must ensure that he is wearing the appropriate tabard, brigandine or gambeson, as they protected against enemy strikes in battle. Our authentic line of period tunics will ensure that you exit the battlefield with as less damage as possible.  

The upper apparel during the Middle Ages and Renaissance was a chance for the gentleman to make a bold statement. Here, C&C offers a wide array of period jerkins, doublets and vests for various historical periods, which are easy to wear and fashionable. Many of these are quilted or made of fine brocade fabrics.  

So, whether you are Robin Hood trying to woo Maid Marian or King Richard the Lionheart out to reclaim Jerusalem, C&C has the appropriate costume for you.