Women Scottish, Celtic Costumes and Accessories

Scottish and Celtic history is among the most revered in the world. At Costumes and Collectibles (C&C), we do our best to honor the legacy of these proud people. Our selection of Scottish costumes for women is stunning and perfect for several uses. Ladies who wear them to a medieval or Highland fair are certain to turn heads and elicit gasps of admiration. C&C’s Scottish costumes for women are seemingly simple (as is the Highland way) but behind these garments are some of the best people in the field who’ve ensured that the products are not merely an ode to history but meant to last. Browse our selection and pick any from the amazing array of garments we offer. 

The Colleen Bodice has gained quite a following and for good reason. Made expertly of thin wale corduroy, this garment is perfect for any medieval or Renaissance fair. It’s great standalone; however, pair it with the equally stunning Scottish Plaid Skirt and the Faire Blouse and you will be taking Highland oomph to a whole new level.  For the quintessential country lass, we have the Country Maid Skirt with Bodice made of 100% cotton; this garment is complemented beautifully by the Muslin Underdress. There is also the striking Country Maid Overdress to add a bit of flair to your attire.  

We understand that Scottish and Celtic costumes for women are best when left uncomplicated. That is pretty much what we have done with our collection.  Still, the right accessories can add something extra to even the most dazzling of ensembles.  For instance, our Elven Leaf Leather Pouch fashioned of high-quality leather and featuring a detailed leather flap. There is also the beautiful Celtic Knot Bracelet made of stainless steel wire that will enhance any medieval attire, let alone a lady in an eye-catching Scottish or Celtic attire.