Greaves and Leg Armor

Greaves are vital for any warrior armor. They have been worn by the Greeks, Romans, and by medieval knights. For good reason. You may have the finest upper body protection, but an unguarded pair of legs is a hard-to-turn-down invitation for an enemy’s longsword or some other bludgeoning weapon. That gruesome reality is not lost on Costumes and Collectibles (C&C). We offer functional greaves that are designed to protect the lower part of the leg. Our metal greaves are crafted from high-quality steel and various other metals. Even better, they are lightweight, which means that for the protection they offer, they will not weigh you down either. C&C houses high-quality Spartan leg armor, Roman leg armor, medieval greaves, metal greaves, and leather leg armor.

We are proud of the leather items in this collection, which are made with armor grade leather. Two particularly excellent products are the Elven Leaf Leather Greaves and Elven Green Leather Greaves, both ideal for LARP purposes. If you are seeking a more fantasy-based leg guard, then the Dragon King Greaves is for you. Of course, we also offer metal products in this selection. Check out the excellent Roman Steel Greaves and, if you feel like leading a bunch of brave soldiers, the Roman Commander Greaves.