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Maiden Chemise for Girls

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The Maiden Chemise for Girls is designed for youth. It is a light, airy undergarment made of muslin that can be combined with a decorative overdress like the Maiden Girls Overdress. The chemise can be worn as a dress and even serves as a nightgown!

It is fully adjustable in the neck and sleeve area with drawstrings enabling it to fit almost any body type (perfect for when the child grows). The short sleeves have ruffles and bows. This is an indispensable garment for the discerning young lady from the medieval period. One size in natural color, it simply pulls over the head. 

The chemise is ideal for Renaissance fairs or costume plays. It measures 44 inches in length.


  • Made of muslin
  • Measures 44 inches in length
  • Can be used as a nightgown
  • Fits any body type
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and costume plays

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