Men's Greek Costumes & Accessories

Costumes and Collectibles’ (C&C) selection of mens’ Greek and Spartan costumes and accessories offer homage to one of the greatest civilizations in history. This includes products related to the city-state of Sparta that was known for some of the bravest and finest soldiers to ever walk the earth. Here’s what we have in our selection.

The tunic and leather sandals in our mens Greek costumes selection offer the quintessential Greek look. Then we have C&C’s Greek military range which includes the Corinthian Helmet, arguably the most important or at least the most influential helmet in war history. (Most other helmets that came later were adaptations of this classic piece.) Our stunning version is made of 18-guage steel and plated with bronze. Also, how can we have any Greek collection without something of the greatest general in history? Check out our Alexander the Greats' sword, a beautiful 28-inch display piece that features a 24-karat gold and silver plated hilt. Even the greats start at a lower rung; your ascent to immortality will be just that little bit quicker if you have a trusted weapon with you, like the Greek Hoplite Sword. If you are into LARP then you will find the Greek Leather Helmet to your liking; there are also leather vambraces aplenty to add to the look. 

We have more than just Greek and Spartan military wear. Check out our range of collectibles that will add class to any corner of your home or office space. Fans of the Troy legend will find the Trojan Horse Statue particularly delectable. Those who know of the Spartans’ legendary rearguard against King Xerxes and his army will do well to have the King Leonidas Statue or Spartan King Statue in their collection. Further, fans of Greek mythology will love the 12-inch statue of the Greek Titan Oceanus

Browse our selection today and walk away with something memorable!