Men's Pirate Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and Collectables (C&C) offers a great selection of pirate costumes for men.  Pirate life was dangerous and a guaranteed adrenaline rush. Which person with the tiniest bit of adventure in them would give up a chance to be an eye-patch wearing, rum drinking, sword waving, perpetually swearing master of the seas? While we do not encourage any of that from our customers, nothing should stop them from trying some of our classics and turning heads and winning hearts at the next fair.

If you are dressing up to be a captain of your ship or just a scoundrel on deck, C&C has your needs covered. Our pirate clothing for men is ideal for any party or event and especially for fans of certain pirates of the Caribbean islands. The range includes shirts, pants, long vests, jackets, and coats.  Check out the Buccaneer Pirate Coat or, if you fancy leading a raid, the Captain Morgan Coat. Our pirate accessories for men cover sashes, belts, Tricorn hats and, of course, eye-patches to complete the striking outfits. You may also turn your room into a captain’s cabin with classic storage boxes and pirate flags. We suggest you browse our selection now! All Hands Hoay, time to unleash the adventurer in you!