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There was a distinct divide in medieval women costumes that the peasants and the noblewomen wore, at least with regard to quality. Wealthy women wore elegant tunics that fell to the floor. They were colorful and vibrant with luxurious fabric and intricate embroidery. Initially, fur was preferred on the inside of clothes for warmth, which was replaced by fur trim as the era progressed. Over time, dresses became more elaborate. Women wore two tunics, one more decorated than the other. Ornamental bands were used to embellish sleeve borders, necklines and the lower half of dresses. Girdle-like panniers created a bigger...

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Being a master medieval craftsman was no run-of-the-mill exercise. It took years and several stages to learn a trade. Boys who wished to pick up a trade either learnt it from their fathers or as an apprentice in a master craftsman’s shop. The first step was to reach journeyman status, which took about seven years of training. Once an apprentice became a journeyman he would be paid a daily wage. To become a master, the journeyman would have to fashion a piece of work that other master craftsmen in the town considered of the highest standard; in other words, a...

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