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There was a distinct divide in medieval women costumes that the peasants and the noblewomen wore, at least with regard to quality. Wealthy women wore elegant tunics that fell to the floor. They were colorful and vibrant with luxurious fabric and intricate embroidery. Initially, fur was preferred on the inside of clothes for warmth, which was replaced by fur trim as the era progressed. Over time, dresses became more elaborate. Women wore two tunics, one more decorated than the other. Ornamental bands were used to embellish sleeve borders, necklines and the lower half of dresses. Girdle-like panniers created a bigger...

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Five major components comprised medieval clothing in Europe. Leather was used to make shoes and belts. The lighter linen was used for clothes that hugged the skin, including tunics and dresses. Outer (and winter) garments were made of wool. Peasants wore rabbit fur while the richer community preferred the rarer ermine fur.  Silk was the most expensive and was the exclusive domain of the rich. There we laws in place to ensure that certain fabrics and colors could only be worn by a specific social class to differentiate them from others. Linen was common throughout Europe, whereas wool was largely...

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