Men's Viking Costumes & Accessories

The feared Vikings took to sea from Scandinavia in their longships for many reasons – to explore, to trade, and to plunder. From this rich culture came some of the history’s fiercest warriors. Vikings dressed for the inclement weather, but had a stylish way of using the linens and wools to create a unique look. Costumes and Collectibles offers a selection of mens Viking costumes and accessories, from clothing and jewelry to Viking helmets and swords. 

Our Viking tunics – cotton and woollen – are perfect for any medieval fair. If you fancy yourself as a Viking noble, then we suggest you try out the Noble’s Cotton Tunic. Viking men had to learn to fight and when we mention Vikings and warfare, we simply cannot leave out the Ulfberht – a sword made of excellent quality metal, which was far ahead of its time. Check out our dazzling replica of this legendary blade made of high carbon steel. The Ulfberht aside, there are a few other swords made with equal care and quality. We also suggest that you check out the drinking horns which seem to be quite popular with our customers. Other eye-catching accessories include statues, pendants, boxes, and belts. 

Note: If you are looking for Viking Swords and Battle Axes, try Museum Replicas for the largest selection of Viking weaponry.