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The modern world has been politically influenced in no small part by the battles that took place in the Middle Ages. Of all the weapons that soldiers took to the field, the sword is inarguably the most celebrated. Here are a few types of medieval swords. The One-handed Sword was among the most common swords in the early medieval period and was typically accompanied by a shield or dagger. These swords probably originated from the Roman Spatha. The Cutting Sword was another popular weapon, used extensively by early medieval Knights and the Vikings as well.  They were very good slashing...

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It is difficult to picture a medieval soldier without his sword. Of course, his armor was of great importance to him. So was his spear. And his shield. And his helmet. But there is something about a sword that seems to complete a knight. It was more than a weapon. The sword was an extension of his arm, a part of his being. Below, we take a quick look at some of the swords that were popular during the medieval period. The Arming sword (or the Knightly sword) was a single-handed cruciform sword popular from the 11th to the 14th...

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