Women Costumes and accessories

The desire to churn out high-quality women's costumes never stops at Costumes and Collectibles (C&C). Products in this category (as with all others) are fashioned from the finest fabric and exhibit high-level craftsmanship. Here, you will find a wide variety of costumes in several styles.

In other words, we house costumes to befit myriad styles and occasions. You can be the upper-class Renaissance lady, a seafarer who indulges in skullduggery, the steampunk fashionista, the strong medieval woman, or the carefree bonnie lass in beautiful Scotland. (Some of these can be ideal Halloween costumes.) The choice is yours. And quality choices we have many!

At C&C, we pay close attention to the details in our exquisite line of dresses and gowns. Even the simple designs feature brass grommets and re-enforced boning. Gowns include bonuses such as artificial pearls, hand-sewn beads, lace and jeweled accents, all enriching the beautiful rich velvet and brocade fabrics.   

A lady is not complete without excellent under garments, chemises and blouses.  We understand that. Our rigid, shaped farthingale will fill out your gown, while the bum roll adds that authentic look to your Elizabethan or Tudor attire. Further, C&C's selection of classic chemises provides the perfect accent under dresses. The corsets and vests are made with quality leathers and fabrics, and re-enforced grommets and heavy-duty lacing ensure a secure fit.

Then there are our skirts and pants which offer a different yet authentic look.  These beautiful fabrics are generously cut, and allow for a comfortable fit. Of course, we have not overlooked outerwear and our velvet and faux fur capes and robes are sure to turn heads.