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One look at men's steampunk costumes and you might be forgiven for being a little gobsmacked if you are experiencing the genre for the first time. What you will see are rivets, brass, watches, and outlandish goggles, among a range of other not-so-conventional stuff. Even the best definitions on steampunk can be murky. As such, the simplest way (if there is any such thing) to describe the genre is that it is fantasy/science fiction that features advanced machinery based on the steam power of the late 1800s. Not that easy to comprehend, is it? Yet, steampunk can also be quite...

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What are the best ideas with regard to pirate costumes for women? Now that Halloween is bearing down upon us, we figured that ladies still in a dilemma about what to wear come October 31 should settle on something swashbucklingly good. No more damsels in distress or beautiful princesses of fantasy realms! Instead, grab a cutlass, sport an eye patch, flash that gold tooth and rule the night. Assuming you like this notion, here are some ideas on how to get the attire right. Settling on a woman pirate costume means a plethora of choices. You are not limited to...

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What were medieval costumes for women like? Were they as television and cinema portray them, or different perhaps? If you are looking for a period ensemble for cosplay, reenactment, or parties, it’s best that you do research on them before opting for one. The choices are no doubt aplenty, but they can also lead to confusion. For instance, medieval and Renaissance-era clothes are not the same, a distinction that many don’t know or care enough to bother. Let’s delve into this further. Medieval women typically wore full, ankle-length tunics or “kirtles” over the shirt. In public, a shorter, “bolder” kirtle...

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“What is the perfect pirate look for themed parties?” you wonder. You’ve been called to this gathering of Buccaneers and scalawags and need to be at the top of your game. There are two choices available. You can either buy an ensemble or design one. Say, you don't want to spend too much and are looking for something original. The good news is that the DIY pirate look is not all that difficult. Here’s an easy way to achieve it... White T-shirt: Pick a plain white T-shirt that is larger than your size. The pirate lifestyle was not ideal for...

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Most of us who’ve followed and loved Game of Thrones since 2011 wouldn’t mind being part of the cast. To be Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen or Jamie Lannister would be, well, pretty cool. Of course it’s not easy. You need acting chops and lots of luck. If that’s a bridge too far, the next best thing would be role-play, reenactment and costume parties, which is not as silly as it sounds, considering the number of exquisite replicas in the market with regard to the hit show’s clothes, weapons, props, etc. There is a wide range of Game of Thrones costumes...

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