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The majority of pirate costumes that you see in fairs and Cosplay events are men’s costumes. So, is this lack of women’s pirate costumes a sign that piracy was a male-exclusive domain? The short answer is no. Men dominated but there were some female buccaneers who inspired the same terror as their male counterparts. The following are five of the most famous women pirates in history....

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Pirate hats are among the most important elements of a pirate ensemble. And we are not talking just cosplays or parties. Even real pirates valued them greatly back in the day, as a style statement but more for practical purposes. The following is a list of some of the headwear worn by these feared seamen....

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Viking Costumes for Men, Viking Outfits, viking tunic -

Viking costumes for men are dime a dozen in the market these days. If you are in search of an ensemble for the next party or SCA event, you shouldn’t have any issue finding one. Still, it helps to go into such events looking as authentic as possible. This blog is intended to give you a clearer picture of what Viking men wore in their time and which we hope will help you stand out in the crowd, turn heads, ooze rugged Norse charm.  (If you want to know about Viking costumes for women or get the general gist of...

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One look at men's steampunk costumes and you might be forgiven for being a little gobsmacked if you are experiencing the genre for the first time. What you will see are rivets, brass, watches, and outlandish goggles, among a range of other not-so-conventional stuff. Even the best definitions on steampunk can be murky. As such, the simplest way (if there is any such thing) to describe the genre is that it is fantasy/science fiction that features advanced machinery based on the steam power of the late 1800s. Not that easy to comprehend, is it? Yet, steampunk can also be quite...

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What are the best ideas with regard to pirate costumes for women? Now that Halloween is bearing down upon us, we figured that ladies still in a dilemma about what to wear come October 31 should settle on something swashbucklingly good. No more damsels in distress or beautiful princesses of fantasy realms! Instead, grab a cutlass, sport an eye patch, flash that gold tooth and rule the night. Assuming you like this notion, here are some ideas on how to get the attire right. Settling on a woman pirate costume means a plethora of choices. You are not limited to...

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