Men's Tunics and Surcoats

Fair-goers will love the selection of mens tunics and surcoats from Costumes and Collectibles (C&C). Tunics were an important article of clothing for men and women during the Roman period and remained a popular piece of garment throughout the Middle Ages. Due to this rich history, there have been several different types of tunics over the years. C&C houses a classic selection of medieval tunics, Viking tunics, knight tunics, and medieval surcoats.

We have an eclectic range. Fans of the Crusades can opt for a variety of medieval surcoats, including the Crusader’s Tunic, Jerusalem Tunic, Tancred Tunic, and Templar Tunic. How about a ride in longships and forays into Europe? Opt for our Viking Tunic – Cotton; if you fancy yourself as an elite Norseman then we have the Noble’s Cotton Viking Tunic. Our tunics do not just cover the Dark Ages but garments way before that period, such as the Roman Tunic.

We offer our customers a chance to own the next period fair in town. You can dress royally like King Arthur or Richard the Lionheart, bring the Coliseum to its feet with the gladiator tunic, or march to Jerusalem with faith in your soul and courage in your heart. Browse our selection now. It’ll be worth your time.