Women Pirate Costumes and Accessories

If you are under the impression that buccaneering was the exclusive preserve of the men then we strongly advise you to rethink that notion. There are several women who sailed the high seas alongside famous pirates. Mary Read. Anne Bonne. Grace O’Malley. The list is quite long. At Costumes and Collectibles (C&C), we pay homage to these intrepid spirits and offer a classic selection of pirates’ costumes for women – coats, shirts, pants, and skirts. And what female scalawag would be complete without a full line of pirate accessories for women? 

C&C’s costumes are as close to historically accurate as any in the market, without any compromise on the quality of the fabric or craftsmanship that brings these amazing garments to life. So ladies, if you harbor a secret desire to pull a sword out of the scabbard and rain havoc on the unruly seas, let us assure you that you’ve come to the right place.  

Our pirate outfits for women have been crafted by some of the best in the industry, who have left no stone unturned to guarantee that you are buying the very best on offer. Some of our classics include the High Seas Skirt and the Pirate Queen Coat. If you are planning on a full ensemble then check out our Mary Read range with its Vest, Coat, Shirt, and Belt. Thrown in the stunning pair of Ladies Pirate Boots and you are ready to rule the seas. Of course, these are just a few of the many excellent products we have in our catalog. Our accessories are no less impressive and feature an excellent selection of pendants, hats, storage boxes, mugs, and flags.