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Napoleonic 1st Regiment Grenadier Flag

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The Grenadiers of the Guard were the most senior Regiment in Napoleon's La Grande Armée. They were given the nickname les grognards, "the grumblers", by Napoleon himself. Known as the most experienced and brave infantrymen in the Guard.

This Napoleonic 1st Regiment Grenadier Flag is an exacting replica of their battle flag; one that would have flown over many victories and on that fateful day at the Battle of Waterloo.

This is not a cheap replica, but high quality on a heavy weight cotton with double batting and gold fringe around the outside, which is more accurate material for the day.

Key Features:

  • Flag size: Approx: 33" x 33"
  • Overall including fringe: 36" x 36"
  • High quality Replica on a heavy weight cotton

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