Men's Robes, Jackets & Coats

Costumes and Collectibles (C&C) houses a stunning collection of medieval and Renaissance jackets, coats, vests, doublets, and jerkins. Our products are made with high-quality material and workmanship that will ensure they are part of your wardrobe for years to come. Wear them to a Renaissance fair, an SCA event, or for a Medieval style wedding. C&C also carries jackets and coats relevant to a more recent history; we have a selection of wonderful products for American Civil War and World Wars reenactors. We also suggest you check out the steampunk coats and vests that will add a sprinkling of fantasy to your wardrobe.

In the medieval period, these garments were often meant for the upper classes, but they were also used by the local masses to stay warm during the winters. You, our customers, can wear them to medieval fairs or for warmth, fashion, and role-play. Our collection capably serves all purposes. If you are feeling medieval, try out our Nottingham Sleeveless Jacket. The D’Artagnan Renaissance Doublet will bring out the musketeer in you. Fancy trawling the seas for loot? Do so with the Buccaneer Pirate Coat. How about fearlessly roaming the misty alleys of Victorian Age London? Then wear the Clockwork Open Coat to make heads turn. We have not even scratched the surface. Check out our extensive range of vests which covers all genres – historical and fantasy – and adds a dash of flair to any fair or reenactment ensemble.

We recommend you browse our selection now and walk away with something you will cherish for years!