Men's Scottish & Celtic Costumes & Accessories

Costumes and Collectibles offers a selection of Scottish and Celtic clothing perfect for historical re-enactments, costume parties, and stage productions. In addition to Ren fairs, Scottish kilts have also begun to grow in popularity in modern culture, especially on holidays like Saint Patricks Day and Saint Stephens Day.

Our Scottish clothing extends to tartan Kilts, Scottish dresses, Highlander shirts, and Scottish doublets. All our Scottish and Celtic apparel is made from fine quality materials that come in a variety of sizes and colors. To complete your costume, we also have a great selection of accessories like Celtic and Scottish leather pouches and sporrans. In addition to these, there is a beautiful selection of Celtic styled Jewelry and Watches.

Whether you are trying to be a Celtic warrior or a Scottish Highlander, we have a good selection of all the clothing items to meet your needs.