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Perfect Pirate Women Look for Halloween 2017

What are the best ideas with regard to pirate costumes for women? Now that Halloween is bearing down upon us, we figured that ladies still in a dilemma about what to wear come October 31 should settle on something swashbucklingly good. No more damsels in distress or beautiful princesses of fantasy realms! Instead, grab a cutlass, sport an eye patch, flash that gold tooth and rule the night. Assuming you like this notion, here are some ideas on how to get the attire right.

Pirate Women Look for Halloween

Settling on a woman pirate costume means a plethora of choices. You are not limited to anything – you can opt for the modern sexy look or play safe and slay a historical ensemble. Try out the common wench garb and if you want to upgrade to a full woman pirate all you have to do is wear a hat and carry a cardboard cutlass.

The ensemble

You can either buy the full ensemble or buy different pieces and create something original.  There are plenty of websites promising authentic and historically accurate pirate ensembles. And, a fair number of them uphold such lofty claims. Not to blow our own trumpet, but check out our fabulous range of pirate costumes for women.  There are complete ensembles like the Mary Read collection or you can mix and match. For building your own costume, there are a few things to consider.

The look

Carefully pick the bodice you will be wearing and also select a nice white blouse. As skirts go, the historical look comprises two pieces but one is also fine if you want to sport a more modern appearance. The corset and the sash should ideally contrast with the skirt and the bodice. Belts are fine but if you do not plan to bring weapons aboard you can skip this piece of wear. You can also intimidate your fellow party goers by carrying a small dagger (or a cutlass to turn the fear factor to 11). Boots are ideal for footwear but a sandal will do just fine. And, of course, no lady costume is quite complete without jewelry. (Note: For the Captain look, a waistcoat or a coat and a hat are a must.) There are no strict rules concerning colors. Pirates in reality picked up anything they could lay their hands upon. But if you insist on playing with hues, you can either go with complete black, a mix of black and white, or black or white with different colors.


Give yourself time to build the ensemble. A rush job often spoils the look. Browse through our range of pirate wear and carefully decide on the pieces you think will suit your look and personality. There is no shortage of fantastic Halloween costume ideas. And remember, the purchase can stand you in good stead long after the Holiday Season is over. There are countless fairs and festivals throughout the year so buy for the long haul. Do pick up one or few of our classics. We will not disappoint you!

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