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Ready to Steampunk this Halloween?

One look at men's steampunk costumes and you might be forgiven for being a little gobsmacked if you are experiencing the genre for the first time. What you will see are rivets, brass, watches, and outlandish goggles, among a range of other not-so-conventional stuff. Even the best definitions on steampunk can be murky. As such, the simplest way (if there is any such thing) to describe the genre is that it is fantasy/science fiction that features advanced machinery based on the steam power of the late 1800s. Not that easy to comprehend, is it? Yet, steampunk can also be quite fascinating, as evidenced by the enormous fan following it enjoys today.

Empire Opera Coat

If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas, you can do a lot worse than opt for something steampunk. Notwithstanding its popularity, the genre is still somewhat new, which is a good thing in this case; there are few better ways to stand out in a Halloween crowd than by wearing an outfit people have rarely (or never) seen before in parties. And there is a surfeit of styles, garments, and accessories from which to choose – vests, shirts, coats, trousers, and boots that are inspired by the neo-Victorian fashion of the late 19th century. You can be the intrepid pilot, the law-abiding policeman, or the eccentric scientist, among a host of other fantastic options for men's steampunk costumes.

So, on the night of Tuesday, October 31, 2017, try something different. Shelve the 15th-century look you’ve been contemplating for some time and light up Halloween with steampunk attire. Stand out among Roman gladiators, Greek royalty, and Crusader knights, and while you’re at it, woo the beautiful medieval or Renaissance princess who is more than likely to be impressed by you! 


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