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Medieval Costumes for Women – History and Ideas

What were medieval costumes for women like? Were they as television and cinema portray them, or different perhaps? If you are looking for a period ensemble for cosplay, reenactment, or parties, it’s best that you do research on them before opting for one. The choices are no doubt aplenty, but they can also lead to confusion. For instance, medieval and Renaissance-era clothes are not the same, a distinction that many don’t know or care enough to bother. Let’s delve into this further.

Halloween costume ideas

Medieval women typically wore full, ankle-length tunics or “kirtles” over the shirt. In public, a shorter, “bolder” kirtle was preferred. During the late Middle Ages, the gowns and sleeves started to flow more and headwear came into fashion. Clothes for the upper torso became tighter and form-fitting, and the girdle gave the illusion of a longer waist. The richer women wore more vibrant and colorful clothes. Still, contrary to popular belief, medieval women costumes of the not so elite were not rags and sackcloth. These women wore (or tried to wear) colorful garments. Even purple, the royal color was not forbidden among the common masses as many believe. Garments were not made at home, but the materials required were often grown in the backyard garden.

So, are you trying to put together something for this year’s Halloween? Medieval costumes do make for some of the best Halloween costume ideas, but the choices can be daunting. There’s so much you can do, so many dresses that could look great on you – gowns, camisoles, petticoats that encompass a thousand years of the Dark Ages. Well, we can help you make things simpler. Some of the best options on medieval costumes for women are right here. Browse through the classy selection and set October 31, 2017, on fire.

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