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"Treasure is Where You Find It" by Christian Cranmer

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Treasure Is Where You Find It, the 30 Year Nepal Quest, by Christian Cranmer is a full color narrative of the hunt to save the forgotten arsenal of the Royal Nepalese Gurkha Army.

Stored in an old palace, Lagan Silekhana, since 1839 this was a 30 year quest completed in 2004 saving more than 50,000 antique firearms including over 150 cannons, most bronze, and countless edged weapons which are now available to the collector's market. More than 100 on site color photographs of the weapons as found and how they were packed over a five month period. A must for the treasure hunter in all of us.

95 pages in full color, 7-1/2" x 11-1/2". Limited printing, laminated hardback, wipe-clean printed cover.

Limited Time Only!

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