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Ranger’s Poncho

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  • $89.95
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Rangers are characters with mystery and intrigue about them. They tend to be wise, cunning, stealthy, and masters of tracking. This Ranger's Fantasy Layered Hooded Poncho is crafted of a shredded, soft ultra-suede polyester and brings about that enigmatic look. A full-size hood is attached to the poncho which exhibits a lace-up neckline and underarm elastic to keep it in place during the heat of battle. The tattered, dark appearance makes this piece an ideal Medieval or Renaissance costume apparel for both men and women.


  • Made of suede-like polyester
  • Attached full-size hood 
  • Exhibits lace-up neckline and underarm elastic
  • Dark, tattered look ideal for medieval and fantasy costumes


**Reviews taken from our sister websites.

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