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Hand Forged Iron Medieval Cooking Tripod

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A true staple for the medieval army on-the-go was a folding cooking tripod. Shown using our "S" hooks and our forged hanging pan , all sold separately.

Key features:
• Our version is made of hand-forged, blackened iron
• When unfolded it becomes a sturdy cooking companion standing a full 42-1/2” tall
• The 3-3/4” hanging hook allows a variety of pots and pans to be hung from it, or our set of three Medieval "S" Hooks can be added for more precise cooking heights
• The entire tripod closes up to conserve space and making transport easier
• Overall: 42-1/2" high
• Weight: 8 lbs / 14 oz
• To minimize rusting, keep oiled following these instructions
• Perfect for re-enactment, from Viking and Medieval camps to feasts and festivals!

**Reviews taken from our sister websites.

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