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Feasting Utensils with Pouch

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Check out our Feasting Utensils with Pouch, for the busy reenactor. This knife, fork and spoon set fit tidily in a tie-fold, open belt leather pouch. The set is convenient to take anywhere, be it a fair, picnic, campout or when you just want to eat under an open sky. The utensils are hand-forged and the handles have the blacksmith’s touch to them. The knife is durable and able to hold an edge. Each piece is approximately eight inches long. Leather pouch is not sold separately.

This set is slightly heavier than our other Medieval Set of Eating Utensils.

Note: The pieces have been heated and oil quenched, so clean thoroughly before use. Also, show them some TLC and oil them regularly to keep the rust away.


  • Convenient to carry around
  • Pieces approximately 8 inches long
  • Utensils are hand-forged
  • Durable knife
  • Leather pouch included

Windlass Steelcrafts

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