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Clockwork Steampunk Shirt with Cravat

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The Clockwork Shirt with Cravat is made from 100% off-white cotton and features a high collar and a separate cravat. You can wear the item with the other products in our “Clockwork” clothing line, such as the vestcoat and pants. The shirt would be ideal for Renaissance fairs.

Tying the cravat:  Drape the fabric from the front of your neck over the shoulders and back to the front. Cross the long end over the short end, taking the longer end underneath and passing it through the loop.  You can do this one or twice depending on the look you want to achieve.  Then you can fluff the lightweight fabric as little or as much as you desire. The cravat does not need a pin to fasten, although you can use one if you like.


  • Made from 100% off-white cotton
  • Features high collar and separate cravat
  • Complements items from our “Clockwork” clothing line
  • Ideal for Renaissance fairs

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