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Gone with the Wind - Barbecue Gown

  • Regular price $595.00

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This dress is considered to be one of the most iconic gowns from the film since it depicts the true style of the old South, prior to the war. In the move, Scarlett O'Hara wears this gown at the joyous barbecue celebration.This stunning gown consists of two pieces, the bodice and the skirt. The upper eight-boned bodice is made of 100% white cotton printed with authentic green floral pattern.   The neckline is bound in deep green cotton velvet with five matching bows, along with 14 separate circular ruffle detail. A 0.25-inch grosgrain green ribbon, through a buttonhole trim and bound armholes, finishes this detail which truly matches the movie version. The center front closure consists of 12 hook and eyes and a drop point waist. The piece is lined in heavy cotton muslin with a buttonhole elastic fitting detail at center back waist allowing for a perfect fit. The skirt has the same matching fabric on the outside with a poly satin taffeta lining. A generous six-inch deep hem in the skirt is perfect for any additional tailoring. The 1.25-inch waistband has doubled pleats around the entire outside, and has six hook and eye closures for an adjustable fit. The gown comes complete with a dark green cotton velvet belt which features a 12-inch bow in rear with 22-inch long sashes. The generous length is made to accommodate the six-tier nylon hoop skirt.

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