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Astrid Viking Apron Overdress

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Apron dresses were a staple of Viking attire. These overdresses had shoulder straps, a simple tubular shape, and ended mid-calf. Also known as smokkr or hangerok (sometimes spelled hangeroc or hangerock), the original purpose was not only to protect the dress from getting dirty but to also make the wearer look more stylish and elegant. Our Astrid Overdress is of a more elaborate style. It is trimmed with embroidery work at the top, hem, and along the lace back. Two silver-colored brooches hold the straps in place at the front. You can also use your own brooches or sew the straps in place to the desired length. A long strand of beads is included to hang between the brooches. It can easily be removed when cleaning the apron and allows you to add your own decoration as well.

Wear this over our Astrid underdress, or any other plain dress. Add a belt and pouch to complete a Norse woman or shield maiden look. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, or 2XL. The apron is 100% polyester dark brown micro suede.

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