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Templar Tunic

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At the Council of Troyes in 1128, the Templar Order was confirmed by Pope Honorius II. The knights received the white vestment as a symbol of purity, to which Pope Eugenius added the famous red cross in 1146.

This heavy sleeveless tunic, shown here with the Templar Cape, is dyed a bright white. The Order's Maltese styled red cross is sewn over the heart, while the interior features a full linen lining.

Note: S/M is ideal for people 5' 6" to 5' 11" tall, while L/X is best for people 6 feet tall and over.  


  • Sleeveless white tunic
  • Interior has full linen lining
  • Exhibits Maltese styled Red Crusader Cross over the heart
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs and Reenactments 

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