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Tudor Close Helm


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The classical form of a Knight's Helm - the Close Helm. The Close helmet, also called the Close helm, was a military helmet worn by knights and other men-at-arms in the Late Medieval and Renaissance eras. This type of helmet was possibly used during Henry the VIII's wars in France (16th Century).

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts, the wearable helmet is the type we commonly picture on the head of a knight. It is crafted of 18-gauge hammer hardened steel. The term “Close” Helm refers to the helmet’s firm lock around the head for total protection; very narrow field of vision exposes the eyes as little as possible. The several key-holes visible on the visor enable good airflow during the heat of combat. The lower bevor section is split into two overlapping pieces that are hinged at the sides; they hook together at the chin while the visor locks down firmly over it.

NoteFeather Plumes available separately.


  • Made of 18-gauge hammer hardened steel
  • Wearable and functional helmet
  • Easy open and close enables comfort
  • Key-holes allow good airflow during battle
  • Great for collectors, re-enactments and Ren-Faires.


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