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Knightly Leather Pauldrons with Besagews


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This pair of leather pauldrons are specially molded using the cuir bouilli hardening method and shaped to cover the shoulder. The upper shoulder piece will arrive nicely molded and ready to wear. There are four lower lames for upper arm protection. The circular besagews lace on to the formed shoulder and will provide protection to the underarm area. The pauldrons have a strap and buckle at the underside of the shoulder so you can attach these to a gorget or a breastplate that has D rings. There is also a strap and buckle on the lowest lame to attach to your arm. The back of the shoulder plates are larger to protect the shoulder blades.

Can be used in SCA or for LARP. Available in Black or Brown. 

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from thick 13/15 oz armour grade leather
  • Overall Length (when laid flat): 12"
  • Shoulder Width (from front to back): 14"
  • Lame Width: 8"
  • Besagaw Diameter: 4-1/2"

**Reviews taken from our sister websites.

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