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Steampunk Dita Dress

  • $78.95
  • Regular price $120.00

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The Dita Dress is a fine example of exotic style, with a level of detailing that makes it just right for the stage. Further, the dress is not exclusive to any body type €“ it is an attractive option for any woman to wear! This appealing garment is crafted of high-quality taffeta fabric and embellished with black lace details. The dress is unique for its versatility and includes a corset-style bodice that is boned to offer a sleek fit. The shoulder straps can be worn up or off the shoulder, and if one wants to push the boundaries a little, tie features in the front and back enable the outer skirt and black underskirt to be hiked up for a more “revealing" look! The dress features rear lace fastening with a five-inch modesty panel. It can be flirty or fun depending on how the wearer wants it to be, and its high adaptability should make the dress a favorite among many. You can rock the stage with it or you can simply wear it as a steampunk, Victorian or neo-Victorian costume!

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