Gone with the Wind Dresses – Timeless Classics

Gone with the Wind - Prayer Dress

It has been 77 years since Vivien Leigh, British accent and all, brilliantly portrayed the defiant Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara in the classic Gone with the Wind. She was a somewhat underappreciated fashion icon, having carried the many fabulous dresses and gowns in the movie like a dream. Gone with the Wind won eight competitive Oscars at the 12th Academy Awards in 1940 and would surely have won a ninth had there been an award for Best Costume Design that year. (The award was first introduced in 1949.) Costumes and Collectibles is giving away officially licensed replica dresses of this...Read more

Steampunk – History and Fashion

Empire Women's Steampunk Gown

While the term “Steampunk” was coined by author K.W. Jeter in 1987, the genre is based on the much earlier Victorian era (1837–1901). The 19th century paved the way for the modern world we know today. It was the time of significant inventions and industrial advancements – telephone, telegraph, photography, light bulb, and, undoubtedly the most important, steam technology. That perhaps explains...Read More

Medieval Utensils – Knives, Spoons, and Forks

Medieval Utensils


A knife was the wallet of the Medieval Age. Pretty much everyone carried one, irrespective of gender or age. It was an extension of the person, used to cut rope and meat and do other tasks. For instance, if you were invited to a meal, the host would not bring out sparkling cutlery. You had to have your knife on you, especially to dig into the meat. Also, the knife came in handy to ward off animals and robbers. You can say...Read More

Food of the Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior

Spartans were fierce warriors who lived to fight. Boys were trained the ways of the sword and spear from an early age and by the time they joined the army, they were killing machines feared and admired by the enemy in equal measure. To complement their obviously formidable military training was a diet to match. That figures. Leonidas’ 300 repelled Xerxes’ enormous army of men and beasts not just by fighting skill but...Read More

Fashion in the Medieval Period

What was the streetwear in vogue during the Middle Ages? Is that even a relevant question, you may ask. Did fashion as we know it today exist 10 centuries ago? The answer is a resounding yes. Of course, London was not the cosmopolitan hub it is today, Paris had not understood the concept of the runway, and Milan’s luxury houses Gucci, Prada, and Versace were in the very very distant future. But, there was...Read More

 The Greek Shield

"To lose one's shield is the basest of crimes," wrote the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus. "Come back with your shield or upon it," says the Spartan mother to her son in another popular anecdote. For over two millennia, the shield was a vital cog in the military armory. Of course, it has never been exalted like the sword or other weapons. But, in ancient times, the shield was...Read More