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Tancred Tunic

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This is a classic Crusader attire, with a bit of history too. Nobles and peasants alike took part in the Crusades between the 11th and 15th centuries, of which one was a noble named Tancred. The Tancred Tunic is based on this man who would later go on to become the Prince of Galilee.

This tunic does not bear Tancred’s house emblem but rather the cross he would have worn in the First Crusade. It possesses a distinctive design that reflects the classic Crusader tunic look. It also features little touches to give it a nobler bearing.

The tunic is made from 100% cotton and exhibits an off-white color, with a big red cross on the chest. A stylish gold trim embellishes the cross and forms both an outline and sun rays in four directions. It is ideal for Renaissance and re-enactment events. 

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