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Elven Embroidered Tunic


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This Medieval/Fantasy Black layered under Tunic is embroidered with lavish Gold Elven designs and deep Forest Green lining. The tunic has a long length and is opened from the waist down to create a graceful flow in the garment, while the edges feature embroidered gold vine and leaf patterns that echo the natural influence of Elven crafts. 

Pair with our Elven Green Battle Armour

Key Features:

  • Garment made from Poly-Cotton Blend Fabric 
  • Layered Design 
  • Black exterior, Forest Green interior lining
  • Gold Embroidered Long Hem
  • Great Garment or as Under Tunic 
  • Suitable for Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy Faires/ Lord of the Rings themed

Selection of Elven Costumes & Accessories

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