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Clockwork Open Coat


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The Clockwork Open Coat is a great choice for any occasion. It will not look out of place in any season and is a fascinating amalgam of dark charm and Gothic fashion.

The overcoat is made of a wool blend and features split cuffs and beautifully detailed rough-hewn string stitching along the front and collar, which brings about a truly unique look. The coat comes with a high period collar, has black buttons at the front and is of knee length (or slightly lower depending on the height of the individual wearing it). The coat is perfect for most period outfits and ensembles. 


  • Made of a wool blend
  • A unique looking garment
  • Perfect for steampunk & period outfits and ensembles
  • Features split cuffs and a high collar 
  • Rough-hewn string stitching
  • Long length coat reaches the knees or lower 

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