Costumes and Collectibles

Costumes and Collectibles (C&C)

We are among the best and most exhaustive online stores for historical and period clothing, accessories and collectibles. We keep our bases covered with an excellent range of Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk, Pirate, and Halloween merchandise.  At C&C, we understand that customers often get short-changed in the rat race that is today’s online market. Thus, we ensure that each one of the products across our different platforms is value for money. We don't do compromise. Our items are fashioned by the some of the best craftsmen in the business and, quality aside, are historically accurate and detailed.

Besides, C&C likes to keep things fresh and so we update our site regularly to bring you the latest information on new products. We have costumes and accessories for everyone, which are affordable with convenient shipping options. These items have been divided into six categories – Womens Costumes, Mens Costumes, Children Costumes, Collectibles, Accessories, and Armory for customer expediency and ease of use. Check us out!              

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