Pirate Costumes & Accessories

Costumes and Collectables offers a great selection of Pirate clothing and accessories for all ages. Pirate clothing includes pirate shirts, pirate pants, coats, pirate boots, belts, and even Pirate eye-patches to complete pirate outfits. Our pirate shirts include both female and male shirts. We have buccaneer shirts and pirate blouses from all the well known pirates (read Jack Sparrow, Mary Read, Captain Morgan, Blackbeard and the like).

Browse our selection of pirate jackets, long vests, velvet coats, Captains coats and buccaneer coats. All our pirate belts are authentic to the period and made of top grain leather. If you are dressing up to be a Captain of your ship or just a scoundrel on deck, Costumes and Collectables has all your pirate clothing needs.

And of course, women pirates are just as mean and twice as dangerous. Our women's pirate costumes and ensembles are for classic pirate looks but ensure you look visually stunning, as well. Our pirate costumes are great for any pirate party or event and especially for the fans of certain Caribbean Pirates!