Medieval Hand Sewn Clothing

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There's something magical about a hand-sewn wardrobe!

Costumes and Collectibles is here with its latest range of hand sewn clothing that will take your historical dressing to the next level. If you're looking to up your reenactment game, or to give the items in your wardrobe a touch of realistic manufacturing, then these hand stitched garments are for you!

Each piece of the collection is made from 100% hand-loomed material and hand stitched by our master tailors and seamstresses. These hand-sewn clothes are made exactly as they would have been during the Medieval or the Renaissance period.

Our hand sewn clothing collection includes unique items like the chemise, pants and a variety of shirts that can give an authentic touch to any of your period ensembles. These pieces are impeccable in their design and creation and will surely add a level of historical realism to your wardrobe.